The NEXES Concept

emergency34NEXES is a next generation emergency system bringing:

  • Enhanced communication and end-to-end connectivity between citizens and emergency services, empowering citizens to reach emergency authorities (e.g., PSAP operators, EROs and FRs) by total conversation calls, using VoIP, real-time text (RTT) and/or videos, giving citizens a choice of best-suited communication channels to reach emergency services, while providing PSAPs a spectrum of additional contextual information. NEXES thus provides emergency services with more data, such as device location, telematics and health data, and enables the delivery of calls, messages and data to the appropriate PSAP, making call handling easier.
  • Improved interoperability among emergency services, creating a common emergency service IP-network to connect several PSAPs, but also EROs and FRs, with redundancy and interoperability features. The NEXES network supports data and communications needs for coordinated incident management among PSAPs, EROs and FRs and provides a reliable and secure environment for emergency communications.

To fulfill the delivery of next generation emergency services, NEXES builds upon already identified pressing end-users needs, requirements and ambitions, relevant standards and protocols and existing open source IP-based communications technologies and interoperability solutions. As a basis, NEXES integrates systems and Apps developed in-house by NEXES partners (already market available), aligned with the creation of IP- enabled emergency services, and prepares a Validation Framework (including an open testbed) available to third parties, benefitting the emergency services community.

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