Success for NEXES Initial Concept Validation Workshop

NEXES Workshop Unites Emergency Services Stakeholders in Finland

NEXES Initial Concept Validation Workshop brought together a group of more than 25 dynamic professionals in the academia, public service and industry domains dealing with emergency services in Tampere, Finland, on November 3rd 2015.

The NEXES Team, led by the Police University College (POLAMK), orchestrated the exclusive 1-day workshop, which focused specifically on the challenges facing emergency services as they strive to integrate the new IP-based technologies. The workshop was structured to address 4 areas that are considered essential to achieving NEXES success: Current Structures, Processes and Technologies in Today’s Emergency Services, NEXES Reference Scenarios, NEXES User Requirements and NEXES Key Performance Indicators. To outreach and engage the local emergency services community, Marko Nieminen, the Director of the Emergency Response Centre Services at the Emergency Response Centre Administration (ERCA), was invited as VIP guest speaker to present the development of the emergency response centre services in Finland, as they innovate the 112 Finnish model to change from 15 centres to a 6-centre network and to one virtual PSAP and to adopt a new technological system with eCall, total conversation, social media and advanced mobile location. Details of the ERICA System were disclosed by INSTA DefSec, a partner of the NEXES Consortium.

Both speakers and attendees shared their experienced views throughout the NEXES Workshop, contributing to the success of the event as significant connections and learning were made. A professionally-executed blend of leading next generation ideas and deep personal interaction, the success of the inaugural NEXES Workshop inspired innovation, creativity and ambition and leaves the best references to the upcoming Workshop next year.

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