Omnitor Hosts a NEXES Event with the Swedish Emergency Services

The Exercise Focused on NEXES’s Accessibility Solutions to Existing Shortcomings

unspecifiedOmnitor, the NEXES expert partner in Total Conversation and Standardisation for Emergency Services, organised a workshop and an exercise show-casing NEXES’s Accessibility Features to the Swedish Emergency Services on September 20th 2016, in Stockholm, Sweden.

The NEXES Swedish Event aimed to achieve a deeper understanding of the routines and capabilities of the present 112 service, as well as its limitations, while gathering valuable feedback and know-how from Swedish emergency professionals, including representatives from the Swedish PSAP operator (SOS Alarm), the Agency for Participation (MFD) and the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS), that exhibited extensive experience with the 112 service operations. The show-case of NEXES solutions exhibited how NEXES proposes to improve the communication and information exchange between citizens and emergency services and amongst emergency services’ agencies.


Using three fictional scenarios addressing sign language, public alerts and location issues, Omnitor was able not only to identify existing procedures in the Swedish emergency services and its shortcomings, but also to present the solutions envisaged in NEXES in what respect to Total Conversation, multi-language services, enhanced location details, automatic exchange of health and medical information, distribution of targeted public alerts, pre-defined messages and interoperability between emergency services across Europe.

The exercise was considered a great success by all involved participants and contributed to promote the awareness and understanding of relevant Swedish stakeholders with respect to the NEXES’s innovations and its contributions to the pan-European standardisation effort. NEXES and the Swedish stakeholders will continue to work together in the proposed NEXES System and App functionalities so that NEXES can make a real difference to the Swedish society.


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