Next Generation Technologies in Emergency Services

NEXES Fosters Ample Debate on the Role Next Generation Technologies Play in Emergencies

nexesNEXES gave the perfect motto for the Ambulance and Emergency Physicians Association (AAHD) and the Dokuz Eylul University to organise the Symposium on the Next Generation Technologies in Emergency Services, on November 18th 2015. With more than 300 participants, this Symposium gathered representatives from emergency services, the scientific community and governmental decision-makers, as well as the media.

zeynepThe Symposium addressed developments in emergency and disaster health services, including the 112 single call number services in Europe and Turkey, and presented how and where the new technologies are being used for emergencies in Europe and Turkey. NEXES featured the Symposium as one of the EU-funded projects contributing to the adoption and implementation of next generation emergency services, by incorporating IP-enabled technologies in the communication, location, situational awareness and interoperability domains.

The Symposium on the Next Generation Technologies in Emergency Services is a perfect example of how the NEXES Research and Innovation Action has been encouraging the debate on the need and importance of incorporating novel technologies in emergency services, so as to enable enhanced capabilities for their intervention to society’s benefit.


Marco Manso, NEXES project coordinator, prepared a video to introduce NEXES to the audience.

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