NEXES’s Innovations Are a Valuable Support in Epidemics

Total Conversation, Enhanced Location and Improved Interoperability are Key to Deal with Infectious Diseases

tepecikNEXES was presented by the Ambulance and Emergency Physicians Association (AAHD) at the 6th Tepecik Infection Days Congress, held in Dalaman-Muğla from November 6th to 8th 2015. Organised by the Infectious Diseases Association, the Congress involved more than 100 participants, mostly experts in the infectious diseases domain and governmental decision-makers.

Of the two addresses AAHD made to the plenary, one presentation focused directly the “New Technologies in Ebola Management” and highlighted the impact innovations to be brought by NEXES – total conversation communication, enhanced location and improved interoperability – account for, in the face of epidemic outbreaks, especially concerning the involvement of citizens and the coordination of different emergency services and multinational agencies.

NEXES’s presence at the 6th Tepecik Infection Days Congress is part of the motivated dissemination and communication effort of the NEXES RIA, with the purpose of building awareness on the impact NEXES’s novel capabilities bring about, before key stakeholders, such as public health decision-makers and the infectious diseases’ specialists community.


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