NEXES Welcomes New End-User Advisors

The 112 Basque Country and the 112 GENCAT Join the NEXES End-users Community

The NEXES Consortium has unanimously welcomed two new members to its End-users Advisory Board.

The 112 Basque Country and the 112 GENCAT emergency services join NEXES as end-user advisors and are nominated as the NEXES ambassadors in Spain, a country that was not yet contemplated in the End-users Advisory Board.

Both Emergency Services have presented their organisations and defined the main NEXES’s innovations that are of their interest, namely the adoption of IP-based technologies to promote total conversation capabilities in the communication with citizens, enhanced location features, improved interoperability amongst emergency services and IP-based eCall connectivity.

Responsible for the steering and growth of the NEXES End-users Community, the NEXES End-users Advisory Board now counts 34 participating members. The West Yorkshire Police (WYP) is the organisation responsible for coordinating the NEXES End-users Advisors in 14 countries across Europe, South America and the United States, and for leading the activities that promote the close involvement of this community with the NEXES Action and Partners.

“From May 2015, the NEXES End-users Community has grown from a European initiative to a broad global movement. The interest of these two very important Emergency Services in NEXES strengthens our base of activities in Europe, and leads the way to further growth” said Mr. Marco Manso, the Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and Coordinator of the NEXES RIA.

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