NEXES Welcomes a Prestigious New Advisor

NEXES Announces Mr. Gyula Bara, the EU 112 Policy Officer, As The Most Recent Entry to the NEXES Advisory Board

The NEXES Consortium announces a new addition to its elite End-Users Advisory Board: Mr. Gyula Bara. Mr. Bara is the Policy Officer responsible for 112 within the European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG CONNECT), dedicated to the development and implementation of the EU’s Digital Agenda. Mr. Bara’s expertise and long-time experience dealing with the adoption of the 112 emergency number across Europe and associated regulatory issues is critical to assist the NEXES Consortium in creating the next generation emergency services.

Responsible for the steering and growth of the NEXES End-users Community, the NEXES End-users Advisory Board now counts with more than 30 enthusiastic members. The West Yorkshire Police (WYP) is the organisation responsible for coordinating the NEXES End-users Advisors in 14 countries across Europe, South America and the United States, and for leading the activities that promote the close involvement of this community with the NEXES Action and Partners.

“We are delighted to welcome Mr. Gyula Bara to our Advisory Board,” said Marco Manso, Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and NEXES Coordinator. “As the reach and impact of NEXES becomes increasingly global, Advisory Board members with their breadth of experience are essential assets to the NEXES Consortium. These highly successful experts play a vital role in guiding NEXES in its mission to spearhead the next generation emergency services and promote innovation and excellence in emergency services worldwide.”

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