NEXES Testing Regime and Validation Framework

NEXES designs and develops a robust and reliable testing regime and validation framework to test all NEXES components, as well as its seamless integration, and validate the whole system’s performance in a controlled environment that recreates the real operational conditions of emergency services. This framework considers end-users requirements, existing standards and relevant protocols (namely with respect to emergency calls’ identification, routing and location) to assess the resilience, coverage, capacity and capability of the IP-enabled NEXES System across the whole (end-to-end) value chain of emergency services, from citizens, including those experiencing disability or special needs, to PSAPs, EROs and FRs.

The testing regime provides a disciplined approach to the assessment and validation of the NEXES operational concepts and effectiveness, concerning pre-defined end-users requirements and identified KPIs. Several scenarios are created to assess NEXES’s performance, considering the newly implemented functionality. Consequently, the testing regime considers the several NEXES components individually and their integration, as well as encompasses the different system configurations of the 10 countries where tests are conducted.

As a result, a testbed is created supporting (1) component-level and system-level testing under well-controlled conditions and (2) validation where realistic operational conditions of ES are recreated.

The NEXES testbed aims to provide the conditions for reliable assessments and validation, in terms of identifying capabilities and shortcomings, mitigating foreseen and new risks associated to next generation ES deployment, steering the ongoing development of the System and giving stakeholders an exceptionally accurate view of how NEXES will perform in the production or operational environment. By supporting experiments related with emergency services’ developments, NEXES testbed accelerates the adoption of new technology and advances the state of the practice in next generation emergency services. The NEXES testbed is designed to be an open platform accessible to any technology and solution providers to test their next generation components.

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