NEXES Showcases Innovations for Emergency Services

NEXES Presents New Accessibility and Location Capabilities for Next Generation Emergency Services

The NEXES Consortium announces today that it successfully performed the first showcase of NEXES innovations for next generation emergency services. Featuring the NEXES PSAP System and NEXES Apps for citizens, the NEXES Showcase covered relevant capabilities on rich communications, enhanced location and the exchange of caller information clearly highlighting how NEXES empowers a new dynamic between emergency services and citizens, namely those experiencing deafness or hearing impairment.

The NEXES partners showcased how callers in distress use the NEXES App to reach emergency services using different communication channels (voice, real-time text and video) and share additional user information, such as language preference, location and health information, all of relevance to elicit the most adequate emergency response. It was also possible to see how emergency services’ benefit from integrating these new communication technologies into PSAP systems and receiving additional added-value information to develop better awareness of the emergency situation and determine a more effective and efficient response. The NEXES showcase also explored how next generation IP-based communications networks handle current emergency calls.

“NEXES has been able to maintain a high-level of innovation and sophistication as we drive on to disrupt the market of emergency services”, said Marco Manso, Director of Innovation of RINICOM and NEXES Coordinator. “With the consolidation of results at the infrastructure, system and applications levels, NEXES is now perfectly balanced to start a new phase of experimentation that will build NEXES Iteration One, that is the first implementation ever of an end-to-end next generation emergency service. All NEXES partners are enthusiastic to embark in this new adventure and shed a new light on the transition to emergency services capable of providing true solutions for citizens in distress.”

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