NEXES RIA Hits First Major Milestone

NEXES Announces First Milestone in Effort to Develop Next Generation Emergency Services

The NEXES Consortium announces that a significant milestone has been reached in the research and innovation effort to develop the next generation emergency services. Today, the NEXES Consortium held the Milestone 1 meeting, presenting the work conducted thus far with respect to the status quo of emergency models, reference scenarios, user requirements and key performance indicators, based on the extensive contributions of the NEXES End-User Community.

This work is instrumental to move forward to the NEXES RIA’s development phase, where the design and architecture of the NEXES System will be defined and implemented, a pan-European Emergency App standard established and a Testing Regime and Validation Framework created to assess the value and benefits of next generation emergency services, with total conversation capabilities, enhanced location features and improved interoperability qualities. Once the Initial NEXES Prototype and the Advanced NEXES Prototype are ready for deployment, increasingly challenging pilots will be conducted to validate NEXES’s positive impact in emergency services across Europe and beyond.

“I am proud of the outstanding work that has been carried out by the NEXES Consortium and I want to thank the each member of the team who created the NEXES’s first deliverables. Being the Coordinator of this endeavour and a participating part of the team that obtained a European mandate to create the next generation emergency services is one of the most gratifying achievements in my professional career, and I am looking forward for this research and innovation action to come to fruition.”, said Mr. Marco Manso, the Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and NEXES Coordinator.

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