NEXES Results

TTelekomSlovenije_self_sufficient_base_stationhe NEXES RIA results comprise:

  • NEXES System, bringing PSAP systems the additional IP-enabled communication channels that offer bi-directional total conversation with rich data (personal, medical and location data) between PSAPs and citizens, which then feeds the communication flux amongst PSAPs, between PSAPs and EROs and between EROs and FRs, contributing to enhance situational awareness and services’ interoperability.
  • NEXES Mobile Applications (Apps), allowing the full and ethically responsible end-to-end exploitation of the new functionalities empowered by the IP-based communications system for citizens, including those experiencing disability or special needs, so that a bi-directional and user-intuitive link is established between citizens and emergency services.
  • NEXES Testing Regime and Validation Framework, including an open testbed, enabling the testing and validation of the NEXES System and Apps, but also of compliant IP-based communication and information system for emergency services, thus contributing to the European standardisation effort towards next generation emergency products and services.
  • NEXES Recommendations, providing a roadmap for PSAPs and EROs to assist them in determining the best transition model for their organisations as they integrate IP-based communications, considering cost-benefit analysis, sustainability and procurement models; guidelines for PSAPs, EROs and FRs, based on lessons learned and best practice, to enable them to benefit the most from the integration of IP-enabled communications in emergency services, understanding its impact, preventing and/or mitigating hurdles and maximising related benefits; educational and training materials; and contributions to future standards and regulations on IP-based communications and interoperability for emergency services, derived from NEXES’s work on design principles, interfaces, reference implementations, core functions and open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).



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