NEXES Results Reach Emergency Services Worldwide

NEXES Presented to 650 Delegates at the EENA Conference 2017

The NEXES partners delivered a presentation on the NEXES results to the representatives of emergency services, public authorities, researchers and industry attending the EENA Conference 2017, held from April 5th to 8th 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.

Ministered by AAHD, Omnitor and Deveryware, the presentation focused on the excellent results attained by NEXES with respect to the establishment of an end-to-end next generation emergency service delivering total conversation, improved location and the exchange of additional user information, namely health information. Similarly, the presentation highlighted the relevant work developed by NEXES with respect to standards and its contribution to Europe’s standardisation effort on emergency communications and information sharing. In addition, NEXES partners announced that NEXES would be conducting its first pilot activity in Slovenia on April 11th 2017, validating the new capabilities jointly with the NEXES end-user community, as well as organising the workshop for the first edition of the NEXES App Challenge in Greece on May 30th 2017.

NEXES’s participation in this emergency-related international event is part of the planned dissemination and communication activities defined by the NEXES partners to promote European research initiatives in the security and emergency fields of expertise, namely the NEXES research action and its associated results, bound to deliver a revolutionary impact in the transformation of emergency services worldwide.

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