NEXES Reference Scenarios

The First NEXES RIA Deliverable

After five months of intense work, the NEXES RIA produced ten Reference Scenarios that addressed users’ requirements and expectations on the use of new IP-enabled technologies by emergency services and citizens.

The purpose of the NEXES Scenarios is to form the basis of the NEXES Campaigns of Demonstration as well as to assist with the framework of the NEXES system requirements and development effort and to support the NEXES testing and validation activities.

Ranging from small incidents to large-scale emergencies, the scenarios are based on real-world incidents identified by the NEXES end-user community. More than exact replications of experienced incidents, they rather expand and draw upon the themes, issues and, in some cases, specific circumstances raised therein.

The scenarios focus thus on key facets of the NEXES’s proposed functionality, including the accessibility afforded by Total Conversation capabilities, the utility of its enhanced location capabilities, the potential for using personal and environmental telematics in emergency response and the improved interoperability amongst Public Safety Answering Points, Emergency Response Organisations, First Responders and citizens, including those experiencing disability or special needs (elderly, tourists, early migrants).

As NEXES detailed the scenarios, a number of risks, limitations and considerations were addressed, involving the implementation of the NEXES System and its further adoption by emergency services and citizens. These include behavioural issues around uptake and use; legal and ethical aspects, particularly with regard to the access, use and storage of information; organisational requirements concerning process and protocol; functionality/end-user considerations; and accessibility features. Where possible, NEXES suggested appropriate means of addressing such concerns.

NEXES’s deliverable on Reference Scenarios is the responsibility of the NEXES partner WYP.

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