NEXES Presented to the European Deaf Community

Dovenschap Interested in NEXES Proposal to Create Inclusive Emergency Services


The NEXES Consortium was formally invited by the European Union of the Deaf (EUD) and the Dutch Association of the Deaf, Dovenschap – doof, slechthorend, doofblind & gebarentaal, to present the Action’s innovations and vision to create inclusive emergency services at the Associations’ Seminar 2016, at the Europa Hotel Scheveningen, in The Hague, on May 20th.


The EUD/Dovenschap Seminar 2016 dedicated a full day to the discussion of European Deaf Innovations: Best Practises and NEXES starred as the top European research and innovation action addressing the needs of the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing impaired communities in the framework of next generation emergency services. Led by Rinicom, the NEXES Action has the European Union of the Deaf as a main partner and the NEXES Accessibility Advisor, responsible to issue recommendations on the accessibility features of NEXES and to establish fruitful synergies with the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing impaired communities across Europe.


The Action’s achievements were briefly presented to an audience of about one hundred delegates from across Europe, with a special highlight to the incorporation of the NEXES’s innovations in total conversation, improved user interface and automated messages and alerts into a new emergency App for citizens that provides a direct link to the right emergency service and brings citizens experiencing physical disability and special needs to the frontline of the dialogue for a universal, democratic and inclusive emergency service in Europe.

The intervention at the EUD/Dovenschap Seminar 2016 provided the NEXES Consortium with a formidable opportunity to interact with an experienced audience, specifically envisaged in NEXES’s targeted dissemination effort, which aims to create awareness and engage relevant stakeholders to the development and adoption of NEXES’s innovations across Europe.


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