NEXES Pilot in Romania: The Future of Emergency Services is Here!

NEXES Brings Life to the First Ever End-to-End Next Generation Emergency Service

The NEXES Consortium announces today that the NEXES Pilot in Romania successfully demonstrated the full extent of the new communication and information exchange capabilities of the NEXES System, upon the conclusion of the NEXES Action’s development phase.

The NEXES Pilot in Romania was a key activity of the NEXES Iteration Two Workshop, held in Bucharest, in November 16th and 17th 2017, at the Ramada Bucharest North Hotel. Before a large audience that encompassed highly relevant stakeholders in the strategy, management and operation of emergency services in Romania and important representatives of the national civil society and security industry, the NEXES Pilot in Romania unfolded across seven storylines that recreated different emergency situations where the advanced and innovative NEXES capabilities ensured a reliable, fast and effective emergency response, highlighting significant advances in the emergency call-taking and handling service. Specifically, the NEXES Pilot activities emphasised the richer communication between citizens and emergency services benefiting from the NEXES Apps’ audio, text and video channels of total conversation communication, and a dedicated attention has been given to the involvement of sign language interpretation in emergency response and its importance for the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities. Also addressed was the relevance of improved location information and the exchange of medical data, namely in scenarios that implicate roaming and the relay of caller’s data across different countries to the right emergency centre.



Engaging with the enthusiastic participants from the audience, the NEXES Pilot in Romania also introduced four new avenues pursued by NEXES: the bi-directional communication and information exchange between the emergency centre and the dispatched first responder teams through the NEXES App for First Responders, the demonstration of Internet-enabled technologies in the NEXES Public Alerting Platform, the capability to place emergency calls using Voice over WiFi networks and the generation of automated emergency calls with smart devices automatically detecting an emergency situation and using text-to-speech facilities to alert emergency services.

Finally, cross-fertilisation activities were included in the agenda of the NEXES Pilot in Romania, through a joint interoperability demonstration with the Emynos Action, in which an emergency call using the Emynos total conversation communication was successfully answered by the NEXES PSAP System, reinforcing the transparency and versatility of next generation emergency services.

The benefits, challenges and impact of NEXES were thoroughly discussed in the ensuing open interaction that involved the NEXES partners and the public and private representatives of emergency end-users and civic associations. The sentiment of accomplished mission prevailed as the main conclusion emphasised that promising new, advanced Internet-enabled technologies are ready to be of service now to citizens and emergency services across Europe, with NEXES leading the transformation path.

“After successfully bringing Internet-based information and communication technologies to support the interaction between citizens and emergency services with significant accessibility and inclusiveness gains, NEXES has unveiled a new dimension to emergency services with increased interoperability with the First Responders onsite, with enhanced public alert functionalities and, on a more futuristic tone, with automated emergency calls.”, explained Mr. Marco Manso, the Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and Coordinator of the NEXES RIA. “The reactions and feedback we have received in this Pilot activity have been exceedingly positive and provides us with the confidence that the NEXES Recommendations to be drafted soon are going to be a key catalyst for the much-needed transformation of emergency services across Europe. We are really proud that NEXES may be a beacon, driving the process forward.”

You may access the event presentations below:

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  • Accessibility Aspects in NGES

  • NEXES Applications for Citizens

  • Improved Capabilities at the Hands of PSAP Operators

  • The Value of IMS for NGES

  • Public Alert in NEXES

  • Emergency Apps for First Responders

  • NEXES Campaigns of Demonstration

  • AAHD Exercises

  • NEXES Pilot in Romania Scenario (Overview)

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