NEXES Participates In the 2016 Nordic Police Research Conference

Poster Presentation on NEXES Results: Developing Next Generation Emergency Services

The 2016 Nordic Police Research Conference brought together almost 100 participants on the 8th and 9th September 2016 in Oslo, Norway. The central theme of the conference was (Police) Reforms and changes in the police.

The doors of the 2016 Nordic Police Research Conference opened to welcome police researchers and practitioners from police institutions, training schools and colleges to explore, discuss and engage with the latest innovative scientific research in the realm of police research. The Police University College (POLAMK) created a poster presentation titled “Developing Next Generation Emergency Services”, calling attention to the need of integrating new Interned-enabled technologies in the communication and information exchange dynamics of emergency response. Important and unique features of NEXES are its Total Conversation capabilities to promote a more inclusive emergency service to citizens experiencing disability, impairment or special needs, and its capacity to acquire and handle automated emergency calls, while automatically sharing information on location, environmental conditions and health parameters.


POLAMK’s participation in the Nordic Police Research Conference was key to empower NEXES’s broad recognition within the police researchers’ and practitioners’ community. Many representatives of the community were indeed surprised by the diversity of NEXES’s propositions, most of them relevant to the police work. The Police Research Conference provided a platform to generate awareness and promote NEXES’s ambitious effort, forming a link with the scientific research and innovation domain.

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