NEXES Joins Celebration of the World’s Deaf Day 2016

EUD Presents NEXES Accessibility Innovations to A Belgian Audience


“Security and safety concerns of the deaf and hard-of-hearing” has been the theme of this year’s celebration of the World’s Deaf Day organised by the Belgian Deaf Association (Fédération Francophone des Sourds de Belgique or FFSB) on September 24th 2016 at the Libramont Exhibition & Congress in Belgium.

The World’s Deaf Day or Journée Mondiale des Sourds is one of FFSB’s biggest events, representing an awareness day to the Deaf Cause, signalling the many daily challenges the deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens still endure. The event brought together key stakeholders working with the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in Belgium and focused on the field of emergency services, delivering a comprehensive overview of the current deployments in this area and of ongoing research and development initiatives, such as NEXES.

Representing the NEXES Consortium, EUD participated in a round table dedicated to the emergency services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing and described the novel NEXES propositions for a democratic, universal and inclusive emergency service, characterised by total conversation, enhanced location and improved interoperability capabilities. NEXES’s advances aim to rapidly bring new Internet-based technologies close to practical applications in the emergency services field, making a truly valuable contribution to the improvement of the quality of life for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.frankie

Part of NEXES’s communication and dissemination effort, EUD’s participation in this year’s FFSB event served to reinforce the NEXES’s accessibility message and connect with the global deaf and hard-of-hearing community, sharing how next generation emergency services will impact on the safety and security concerns of that community. It was also an opportunity to build new collaborations that can transfer the success of the NEXES Action to society.


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