NEXES Invited to the European Regulatory Authorities Meeting

NEXES Innovations are Key to European Regulation Effort on Emergency Communications

The NEXES Consortium announces the invitation by the President of the Working Group Numbering and Networks (WG NaN) to participate at their 13th Meeting of Project Team Emergency Services (PT ES), a discussion group dealing with the many aspects relevant for the modernisation of emergency services, including the adoption of IP, multimedia and location improvement.


This invitation follows the presentation the NEXES Consortium has made on December last at the DG CONNECT’s “Advanced Numbering Systems for Communications Services in the Digital Single Market” Workshop. At this meeting, European policy-makers and telecommunications operators became aware of NEXES’s advances in the integration of new IP-enabled technologies in emergency services and the impact on routing, prioritisation, bandwidth and quality of service aspects.

At the PT ES Meeting, the NEXES Coordinator Marco Manso presented the latest developments of the Action, whereas the NEXES Location and Pan-European Mobile Emergency Application (PEMEA) expert Bertrand Casse focused his address on the definition of the pan-European standard for emergency Apps and the improvements on emergency calls’ location. The expert audience, including representatives from the European Commission and regulatory bodies across Europe, was highly interested in NEXES’s evolution and insisted on a continuous interaction between NEXES and the PT ES members, who were then invited to join the NEXES End-users Advisory Board.

“NEXES has trailed a solid path towards the integration of IP-technologies for the modernisation of emergency services. We expect that the synergies with the PT ES group will help the effort to create a new regulatory framework for emergency communications”, said Marco Manso, Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and NEXES Coordinator.


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