NEXES Hosts a Workshop Dedicated to Accessibility

In Debate A Fully Universal, Democratic and Inclusive Emergency Service

The NEXES Consortium will be hosting the NEXES Workshop on Accessibility on May 19th 2016 at the Bilderberg Europa Hotel Scheveningen, in Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

This Workshop signals the NEXES Consortium’s effort to create a reference implementation of the next generation emergency services, upholding accessibility principles and following a truly universal, democratic and inclusive approach.

The NEXES Vision on Accessibility in emergency services and the sharing of experiences and best practices are therefore the proposition we bring forth to you during this Workshop, aiming to establish a true dialogue forum, where your presence is invaluable.

For the Workshop’s agenda, please see it here.

If you wish to join us at the NEXES Workshop on Accessibility, please email us at


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