NEXES Holds the First Pilot To Showcase New Capabilities for Emergency Services

The Focus Is on Total Conversation, Location and Interoperability

The NEXES Consortium will be hosting the NEXES Pilot in Slovenia on April 11th 2017 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Facilities of the University of Ljubljana, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Included in the NEXES Iteration One Workshop, this Pilot signals the end of the NEXES RIA’s Iteration One effort, completing the set of demonstrations and user validation activities pertaining to the NEXES Campaigns of Demonstration of Iteration One. The Pilot in Slovenia aims to introduce the NEXES’s capabilities for total conversation, enhanced location and the exchange of additional user data of the NEXES 112 App and the NEXES PSAP System to relevant stakeholders, including Slovenian public safety organisations, the Ljubljana municipality and the Slovenian Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Representing the first validation with independent end-users of the whole end-to-end functionality of the NEXES System and Apps, the NEXES Pilot in Slovenia will assess NEXES’s performance as well as its potential impact and even determine future avenues for the next project iteration.

If you wish to join us at the NEXES Pilot in Slovenia and the NEXES Iteration One Workshop, please email us at

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