NEXES Hits A New Milestone: It’s Integration Time!

The NEXES Testbed Promises Exciting New Discoveries for Next Generation Emergency Services

The NEXES Consortium announces today that the Third Milestone of the NEXES Research and Innovation Action has been successfully reached. NEXES is starting the integration activities that will enable the testing and validation of the new functions and capabilities brought by the NEXES components, through a long and ambitious campaigns of demonstration, comprising a broad spectrum of exercises, pilots and showcases.

At the Milestone 3 Meeting held in November 7th 2016, the NEXES partners unanimously agreed that the present status of the NEXES RIA provides all the required ingredients to move forward with the NEXES integration activities, thus sealing the attainment of Milestone 3. In this context, the NEXES Consortium has completed the design and implementation of the NEXES Core System and of the NEXES App Application Programming Interface (API), which stand as cornerstones of NEXES as a new paradigm of emergency services unveils. Whilst NEXES partners completed the adaptations required by public communications networks to support advanced total conversation, location and information exchange capabilities, also the NEXES Gateways ensured that interoperability with legacy systems is not overlooked, thus facilitating a paced adoption of the next generation functionalities. Furthermore, the NEXES App API is key for the development of the NEXES App for citizens and for First Responders, enabling a wide variety of emergency calling methods, as well as the ability to provide a host of ancillary data to support citizens in distress and emergency services. Applying the applicable NEXES system requirements for emergency Apps and the NEXES Pan-European Specification for Emergency Apps (PESEA), the NEXES App API is also instrumental for the NEXES partners’ intent of building a rich NEXES-based emergency App ecosystem, capable of delivering more and better functionalities for citizens and emergency services and of promoting a wider NEXES impact.

“NEXES has been able to maintain a high-level of innovation and sophistication as we drive on to disrupt the market of emergency services”, said Marco Manso, Director of Innovation of RINICOM and NEXES Coordinator. “With the consolidation of results at the infrastructure, system and applications levels, NEXES is now perfectly balanced to start a new phase of experimentation that will build NEXES Iteration One, that is the first implementation ever of an end-to-end next generation emergency service. All NEXES partners are enthusiastic to embark in this new adventure and shed a new light on the transition to emergency services capable of providing true solutions for citizens in distress.”

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