NEXES Heard at DG CONNECT on 112 Numbering Issues

NEXES Is Important for the Ongoing European Regulation Effort on Emergency Communications

The NEXES Consortium announces the invitation by the DG CONNECT of the European Commission to participate in the “Advanced Numbering Systems for Communications Services in the Digital Single Market” workshop, held in Brussels in the context of the ongoing public consultation on the evaluation and review of the regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services.

This invitation follows the work performed by the NEXES Consortium regarding the integration of new IP-enabled technologies in emergency services and the discussion of how these technologies affect the future of 112 communications, namely with respect to routing, prioritisation, bandwidth and quality of service. The NEXES Consortium’s perspective has been presented to the high-level audience of European policy-makers and telecommunications operators.

“Once again, the fantastic job of the NEXES partners has been acknowledged by European officers. Our work on the future of 112 communications promises to shed a light in the definition of a new regulatory framework for electronic communications, and NEXES is particularly focused in integrating over-the-top operators into the emergency communications loop”, said the Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and NEXES Coordinator Marco Manso. “NEXES demonstration activities, such as exercises and pilots, will definitely exploit end-to-end emergency calls that simulate internet app services provider to assess security, reliability and trust aspects.”.

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