NEXES Features the Horizon 2020 Security Catalogue

NEXES Sets A New Standard for Next Generation Emergency Services

The NEXES RIA is part of the most recent catalogue of security-related projects funded by the European Union, coined H2020 Security Catalogue. This catalogue provides an overview of all research and innovation actions currently supported by Horizon 2020 Security Research budget.

Featuring the crisis management section, NEXES is a research and innovation action that aims to design and implement the next generation emergency services by innovating emergency communications with total conversation capabilities, by integrating advanced location information and by promoting enhanced situational awareness and interoperability to point safety answering points, emergency response organisations and first responders. NEXES also innovates with the exploitation of the incorporation of automated emergency calls, including eCall, in the emergency response effort.

NEXES’s participation in the H2020 Security Catalogue 2016 is part of the NEXES Consortium dissemination effort, focusing on building awareness and generating promotion to the NEXES RIA, by getting NEXES, its ambitious goals and expected benefits known to relevant target audiences, and then fostering those audiences’ engagement with NEXES’s early adoption.

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