NEXES Deliverables

The NEXES RIA presents a set of deliverables that capture the essence of the work conducted in the different work packages of the Action. Upholding the principles of Open Access, the NEXES Consortium provides online availability of the public NEXES research and innovation outputs, with no access fees and allowing its download, read, print, distribution, copy and use, as long as the original authors and source are cited.

For more details, please contact the NEXES Coordinator at

Del. No.Del. NameDissemination Level
D1.1Copies of the Ethical Approvals by the competent Ethics CommitteeConfidential
D1.2Copies of Approvals by the competent National Data Protection AuthorityConfidential
D2.1Current Structures, Processes and Technologies in Emergency ServicesPublic
D2.2NEXES Reference ScenariosPublic
D2.3NEXES User Requirements, Needs and GapsPublic
D2.4NEXES Key Performance IndicatorsPublic
D2.5NEXES Sustainable Business OperationsPublic
D3.1NEXES System Requirements and Architecture SpecificationPublic
D3.2Adaptation of Public Communications Networks for NEXESPublic
D3.3NEXES Advanced Location CapabilitiesPublic
D3.4NEXES IMS ArchitecturePublic
D3.5NEXES GatewaysPublic
D3.6NEXES Security RecommendationsPublic
D4.1Definition of a Pan-European Standard for Emergency AppsPublic
D4.2Emergency App APIPublic
D4.3Emergency Apps for CitizensPublic
D4.4Emergency Apps for FRsPublic
D5.1Next Generation PSAP SystemsPublic
D5.2Interoperability in Emergency Response SystemsPublic
D5.3Integration With Early Warning and Public Alert SystemsPublic
D5.4International Emergency CoordinationPublic
D6.1NEXES Vision on Automated Next Generation Emergency ServicesPublic
D6.2NEXES IP-based eCall System PrototypePublic
D6.3Smart Devices PrototypesPublic
D7.1NEXES Testing Regime and Validation FrameworkPublic
D7.2NEXES TestbedPublic
D7.3NEXES Integration PlanPublic
D7.4NEXES Integration: Iteration OneConfidential
D7.5NEXES Integration: Iteration TwoConfidential
D8.1NEXES Educational and Training ManualsPublic
D8.2NEXES Demonstration PlanPublic
D8.3NEXES Campaigns of Demonstration: ExercisesPublic
D8.4NEXES Campaigns of Demonstration: Pilot in SloveniaPublic
D8.5NEXES Campaigns of Demonstration: Pilot in RomaniaPublic
D8.6NEXES Campaigns of Demonstration: Pilot in TurkeyPublic
D9.1NEXES Communication Plan and ActivitiesPublic
D9.2NEXES Promotional MaterialPublic
D9.3NEXES Workshops Organisation and ResultsPublic
D9.4NEXES App Challenge RulesPublic
D9.5NEXES App Challenge ReportPublic
D9.6NEXES Sustainable Business OperationsConfidential


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