NEXES Attains Its Second Milestone !

The NEXES Testing Regime and Validation Framework Sets New Advances Towards Next Generation Emergency Services

The NEXES Consortium announces the attainment of the Second Milestone in their research and innovation effort: the establishment of the NEXES Testing Regime and Validation Framework brings NEXES a step closer to making next generation emergency services a reality.

At the Milestone 2 Meeting held in May 20th 2016, the NEXES partners unanimously agreed that the present status of NEXES warrants the reach of Milestone 2, as the Consortium defines the first iteration of the NEXES open Testing Regime and Validation Framework, considering the end-to-end communication between citizens and emergency services. The NEXES Testing Regime and Validation Framework aims to empower the assessment of the value and benefits of next generation emergency services as they embrace total conversation, enhanced location and improved interoperability capabilities. The NEXES partners also acknowledged that this successful evaluation of the NEXES effort has been possible because of the work performed during the last year, creating the user requirements for the next generation emergency services, defining the pan-European standard for emergency Apps and drafting the initial NEXES Exercise plan.

“The NEXES Consortium is proud of its leadership role in the development of next generation emergency services. NEXES, a reference implementation of next generation emergency services, is valuable for first responders, emergency services and citizens,” said Marco Manso, Director of Innovation of RINICOM and NEXES Coordinator. “Our advanced Testing Regime and Validation Framework is a key component of NEXES to transform emergency services. We are gathering feedback and contributions from our end-users as we develop our solution for next generation emergency services and we truly believe that NEXES will help citizens to reach emergency services in case of need and assist the performance of emergency services.”

milestone2_b milestone2_a


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