NEXES at the Slovenian Celebration of the EU 112 Day

The Press Conference Focused The NEXES Technologies

The NEXES Action has been the cornerstone of the Press Conference held by the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of the Slovenian Ministry of Defence to celebrate the EU 112 Day, on February 11th 2016.

The NEXES partner University of Ljubljana (UL) was invited to present the NEXES RIA core activities on the topic of what the future holds for the next generation of 112 services. That presentation highlighted NEXES’s innovations on the adoption of IP-enabled technologies to build Total Conversation capabilities, to improve location information and to promote interoperability and situational awareness in emergencies.

Other speakers at the Press Conference were Mr. Darko But, General Director of the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, Mr. Boštjan Tavčar, Head of the PSAP Services of the Republic of Slovenia, Mrs. Ivanka Grilc, Head of the Regional PSAP Centre in Maribor and Mrs. Tatjana Janša, Deputy Head of the Regional PSAP Centre in Maribor, which have addressed the 112 services in Slovenia and the PSAP operation in the Maribor region. A “Questions and Answers” panel and a visit to the regional PSAP Centre Maribor followed the press conference.

Inspiring a series of mass media articles and news clips, which also made extensive reference to the NEXES RIA, the Press Conference of the EU 112 Day in Slovenia gathered a very selected audience of journalists and mass media professionals and contributed to build increasing awareness on the 112 services and the NEXES RIA.


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