NEXES At the Open Source Intelligence Dissemination Conference 2015

Engaging End-users in the Change of Emergency Services

The NEXES Consortium was invited to participate at the Open Source Intelligence Dissemination Conference 2015 to present the NEXES Vision concerning the integration of Internet-enabled technologies into the emergency services and the creation of the next generation emergency services.

The NEXES session, presented by Salvatore Corrao from the Italian National Fire Corps, was attentively followed by an audience of emergency services stakeholders and experts that were very interested to hear how the NEXES System and App aims to promote emergency services truly universal, democratic and inclusive, based on total conversation, improved location and enhanced interoperability capabilities.

Organised by the Athena, Emergent and ePoolice EU FP7 projects, with the support of the Italian National Fire Corps, the Open Source Intelligence Dissemination Conference 2015 focused on the application of open-source intelligence (OSINT) to enhance the ability and knowledge of stakeholders in appreciating its utility across a number of security-focused disciplines, such as crisis management and the detection of crime threats.

NEXES’s participation at the OSINT Dissemination Conference 2015 is not only a clear example of the cross-fertilisation effort NEXES will uphold, involving innovative research projects applied to the emergency services and security domains, but also a powerful international communication activity targeting end-users in law enforcement, fire and rescue and medical emergency and stakeholders in ministerial departments, defined within the ambitious NEXES dissemination effort to raise awareness on the NEXES Action and its added-value innovation.

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