NEXES at the Nordic Crisis Communication Conference

How to Improve Communication in Next Generation Emergency Services?

The NEXES Research and Innovation Action was presented by the Police University College (POLAMK) to a large Northern European audience of key stakeholders in the emergency response services field at the 3rd Nordic Crisis Communication Conference, held in Helsinki on 27th – 28th October.

The conference considered a number of viewpoints concerning crisis communication and the key themes involved strategic communications and communication perspectives on cyber threats and terrorism, as well as accidents and natural disasters. Among the speakers were Director Janis Sarts from the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Professor Sören Holmberg from Gothenburg University, Head of Communications Mads Jensen from the Copenhagen Police, Director of Communications Trond Hugubakken from the Norwegian Police Security Service and Professor Vilma Luoma-aho from the University of Jyväskylä. One of the main purposes of the conference was to develop the communication network between heads of communication and key communication experts in Ministries, Departments and other authorities in the Nordic region.

polamkAt the exhibition accompanying the conference, NEXES was a focus point of the Finnish Police booth and interesting discussions were held on how NEXES would incorporate this new communication paradigm now in discussion into emergency services, providing advanced rich multi-channel communications amongst emergency call handling operation centres, emergency response organisations, first responders and citizens, including those experiencing physical disability or special needs.

NEXES’s participation at the 3rd Nordic Crisis Communication Conference through POLAMK is part of the motivated dissemination effort of the NEXES RIA, with the main purpose of raising awareness on the NEXES activities, entities and development on communication-related themes to the Finnish and Nordic authorities and also international contacts.

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