NEXES at the 2nd Pan-Hellenic Congress of Emergency Pre-hospital Care

NEXES Novelties for Emergency Management Systems

NEXES was presented by the Ambulance and Emergency Physicians Association (AAHD) at 1-76caf93dc3the 2nd Pan-Hellenic Congress on Emergency Prehospital Care on “Emergency Pre-Hospital Care: Present & Future”, which took place in Thessaloniki from May 11th to 15th 2016 at the Porto Palace Hotel. The Congress was organised by the Hellenic Society of Emergency Pre-hospital Care and the Cyprus Resuscitation Council and gathered more than 500 participants, discussing the whole emergency care and emergency medicine family. During the Congress, it was also possible to attend to the Hellenic-Cyprus Resuscitation Symposium that received the participation of the foremost members of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) to discuss the modern developments in the field of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, including the New Guidelines published in 2015.

Before an audience of first responders, volunteers, members of security forces, paramedics and specialised clinical practitioners, AAHD made a presentation titled “Emergency Management Systems of the Future” and announced NEXES’s proposed innovations to the design and implementation of next generation emergency services when addressing trauma in prehospital environments and confronting the challenges of mass casualty incidents.

NEXES’s participation at the 2nd Pan-Hellenic Congress on Emergency Prehospital Care is part of the motivated dissemination and communication effort of the NEXES RIA, with the purpose of building awareness on NEXES and promoting its contribution to the long-term strategy to reform and reconstruct Emergency Prehospital Care and Emergency Medicine, before a public that is renowned for contributing to the evolution in the world of emergency, through their research, daily clinical work and ethos.


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