NEXES App Challenge Starts NOW !!


Dear friend,

Have you ever had a good idea for a Next Generation Emergency response 112 app or think of creating a novel smart app that could change the way we deal with emergency situations and life risks?

If you are a developer, an Emergency Service application owner or an Emergency Service end user who is interested in developing a Next Generation Emergency response application or promote a novel idea for a future application in this field based on your experience (development skills are not really required), come and join us at the NEXES App Challenge!


a brief ID for your consideration:

Who | Developers, designers, entrepreneurs and students across Europe that have 112 Apps or want to experiment with Java development, SIP, WebRTC, smart mobile apps as well as end users that want to submit an innovative idea without a prototype implementation in place
What | a 2-month challenge for Next Generation 112 Apps
When | Launching on Monday, March 6th – Expiration on Friday, May 14th, 2017
Where | @your desktop – across Europe. A dedicated Workshop will be held in Athens, Greece at the end of May, 2017
Why | To improve the way citizens interact with emergency services
How | Be inspired by NEXES App specification | Submit your application/idea!

For more information, visit the NEXES App Challenge official site at:


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