NEXES Announces New Advisors

The Italian Beta80 Company and the Belgian EVapp Project Share Their Expertise with the NEXES Advisory Board

The NEXES Consortium announced today that two new members have been selected to serve on the Action’s End-Users Advisory Board. The new members are the Italian Beta 80 company responsible for creating the EMMA PSAP system in Italy, represented by Mr. Bergonza Luca and Mr. Francesco Silanos, and the Belgian EVapp project aiming to develop a smartphone application to mobilise professional volunteers in emergencies, represented by the project’s coordinator Mr. Steven Vercammen.

Responsible for the steering and growth of the NEXES End-users Community, the NEXES End-users Advisory Board now counts with more than 30 enthusiastic members. The West Yorkshire Police (WYP) is the organisation responsible for coordinating the NEXES End-users Advisors in 14 countries across Europe, South America and the United States, and for leading the activities that promote the close involvement of this community with the NEXES Action and Partners.

NEXES Coordinator and Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK Marco Manso welcomed the new members to the NEXES End-Users Advisory Board, who bring with them a fresh perspective and a different personal approach. I know that their service and commitment will provide enormous benefits to the Advisory Board and the NEXES RIA as a whole.” NEXES Coordinator also added, “As our Board continues to evolve, we have been able to move forward and progress because of the diversity of our Advisors’ membership.”

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