NEXES Announces A Highly Successful Pilot in Slovenia

The End of Iteration One Brings Forth New Capabilities for Next Generation Emergency Services

The NEXES Consortium announces today that it has conducted a highly successful Pilot in Slovenia, marking the end of the project’s Iteration One and demonstrating the first reference implementation of an end-to-end next generation emergency service.

Before an audience of representatives from the Slovenian public authorities, safety organisations and civil society, the NEXES Pilot in Slovenia demonstrated the use of the pan-European NEXES 112 App and the support ecosystem that provides data call capability and device data exchange in various and rich forms between citizens and emergency services, extending the traditional voice and SMS capabilities. Participants interacted with the NEXES System and highlighted the benefits and challenges of the enhanced location information, combining location data from mobile terminals and mobile network, of the video calls and chat messaging functionalities and of the exchange of enriched caller information, including the personal data, video and photographs the caller is willing to share.

The NEXES Pilot in Slovenia resulted in interesting observations and statements, with the open discussion conducted the following morning with the participants to be lively thought-provoking and inspiring. The NEXES Pilot served an opportunity to exchange opinions and views on the state of emergency services, the involvement of the public in emergency situations, the promising new technologies and the status of regulation on emergency communications and personal data access and exchange. It highlighted gaps in technology, information deficiencies and regulations amongst the different emergency response organisations and showed good practices and future trends to be followed.

“By empowering citizens and emergency services with Internet-enabled technologies and digital skills, NEXES is giving them a way to bolster the citizens’ involvement in the process and generate a better situational awareness for emergency operators to create a faster and more effective emergency response.”, said Mr. Marco Manso, the Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and Coordinator of the NEXES RIA. “Key NEXES Pilot outcomes are increased knowledge for the end-user community, shift in the citizens’ and emergency services’ awareness on how to contribute to society’s improved safety and security, with responsibility and attention to privacy concerns. The users participating in the Pilot showed a positive attitude towards the change announced by NEXES. With the success of its first project iteration, NEXES partners are confident they will attain the reach and impact envisaged for NEXES.”.

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