NEXES: A Part of the Solutions for Smart Cities

Orange Romania Sets NEXES’s Vanguard at Romanian Flagship Conference

Building upon the relevant experience of 2015 Smart Cities Romania Conference, Orange Romania (ORO) expanded its sponsorship and presence at this year’s edition of the Romanian flagship conference and presented the latest NEXES developments as it unveils the challenges of next generation emergency services for progressive city needs. On November 8th and 9th 2016, ORO participated thus at the 2016 Smart Cities Romania Conference dedicated to the “Infrastructure Challenges For Government And Municipalities” (


ORO presented its state-of-the-art solutions to the global community of city leaders, other technology and solution providers, investors and innovators who are working together on the next generation of Smart City solutions. Within the theme of the Conference, ORO ministered a presentation titled the “Security Awareness and Next Generation Emergency Services” that highlighted how NEXES will use novel technologies to better connect the community, improving citizen services and finding more intelligent ways to manage resources in the emergency field.

Focusing on the actual emergency services across Europe, ORO presented specific scenarios where the NEXES advanced capabilities make a real difference in the quality of life of citizens and the outcome of emergency situations. The NEXES achievements with respect to the development and integration of IP-enabled communications, the implementation of innovative emergency Apps and the creation of the NEXES Testing Regime and Validation Framework were described as a result of thorough new end-users requirements and the compliance to pan-European standards and the EU regulatory framework. Overall, it was very clear the real impact NEXES will produce in the life of citizens and the emergency services’ daily operations.

The two-day conference gathered more than one hundred participants from the academia, SMEs, industry and professionals as well as decision-makers, regional authorities and city representatives and was an excellent opportunity to promote NEXES advances and engage key stakeholders in the evolution path towards next generation emergency services.


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