New End-User Advisors Join the NEXES Community

Emergency Services Stakeholders in Turkey Value Next Generation Technologies

The NEXES Consortium, a leader in the integration of IP-based technologies in emergency services, has added seven new members to its End-Users Advisory Board.

The Izmir Police, the Izmir Metro, the EMT and Paramedic Association, the Turkish Amateur Radio Users Association, the Izmir North State Hospitals, the Association for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and the Distance Learning Centre of the Dokuz Eylul University have expressed their interest to join the NEXES initiative and exchange valuable perspectives on how to build a reference implementation of next generation emergency services.

“We are thrilled to welcome these new End-user from Turkey to the NEXES End-users Advisory Board,” said Mr. Marco Manso, Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and the Coordinator of the NEXES Research and Innovation Action. “All of these organisations play a particular role in times of emergency and crisis and their perspectives will make contributions to the NEXES vision. Their ideas and insights will provide further fuel for our continued growth and will support NEXES’s role as a pan-European and global reference to advanced emergency services.”

The NEXES Action ambitions to bring the new IP-based technologies to the realm of emergency services, providing total conversation, improved location and enhanced interoperability capabilities as well as to become the benchmark for next generation emergency services.

With 17 partners and a large End-users community, the NEXES Action has grown rapidly since its inception in May 2015. The early success of this Action signals a continued strong need in the marketplace for innovative and relevant solutions in next generation emergency services.

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