Enjoy the Second NEXES Newsletter!

The NEXES RIA has just completed its first year of work and what an incredible year it has been!

NEXES has successfully established the basis for its second year of development: the NEXES End-User Requirements are completed, the NEXES Key Performance Indicators have been identified and the pan-European emergency Apps standard has been thoroughly analysed to ensure NEXES’s compliance.

Moreover, NEXES has attained its second Milestone, by creating the NEXES Testing Regime and Validation Framework, which will enable to test and assess the performance of NEXES solutions as well as of any other reference implementation of next generation emergency services. As such, the NEXES Testing Regime and Validation Framework is a key asset to reinforce the European standardization effort towards the next generation 112 emergency services!

The NEXES partners have indeed been quite active in the collaboration with European and international standardisation and regulatory bodies. NEXES accompanied the recent publication of the final report of the ETSI STF 489 on the use of Total Conversation for Emergency Services and the invitations for NEXES to participate in the DG CONNECT Workshop on 112 Numbering Issues and the 13th Meeting of the Project Team Emergency Services are excellent examples of how NEXES innovations and vision are relevant benchmarking on the path towards creating next generation emergency services.

In this edition of the NEXES Newsletter, we present you a selection of articles and news that highlight the accomplishments of the NEXES Consortium. With a special focus on accessibility features and key performance indicators, NEXES is paving its way forward as a cutting-edge research and innovation action.

We kindly invite you to find out more about NEXES at http://nexes.eu.

Marco Manso
NEXES Coordinator

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