Emergency Call Handling

Led by TN, the Emergency Call Handling and Coordination WP is dedicated to the integration of next generation emergency system features in existing PSAP systems, encompassing emergency call taking and dispatching systems, but also in the different command, control and information systems that are in use in emergency response organisations, namely medical assistance, fire brigades and police agencies. These systems will also be adapted to interoperate with each other at the local, national and international scale, building coordinate emergency response, as well as to interact with early warning and public alert systems.
Currently, NEXES is addressing the required adaptations (e.g., specifications and interface requirements) to existing PSAP systems, that is, emergency call taking and dispatching systems, to support next generation emergency services, available through the Internet connectivity and SIP and delivering TC and multimedia data exchange. The new NEXES PSAP operator console presents an integrated call taking and handling capability, able to receive all emergency calls originating from landline, mobile and Internet networks, whether using voice, real-time text, messaging, images or video. NEXES’s robust interoperability capabilities are explored towards obtaining a virtual network of PSAPs (fully interconnected), routing functions, redundancy, data replication and business continuity. As the developments evolve, NEXES partners ensure that user acceptance is always considered. For the next year, the NEXES partners will continue to improve existing PSAP systems with the new NEXES features.


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