AAHD Hosts a NEXES Exercise with the Turkish Emergency Services

NEXES Advances in Interaction with Citizens Are Highly Praised

AAHD organised a NEXES Exercise to demonstrate the NEXES results in improving the communication dynamics between emergency services and citizens to relevant Turkish stakeholders in the emergency sector. Conducted on March 17th 2017, at AAHD facilities, the Exercise gathered forty-three representatives of eighteen organisations with extensive expertise and experience in the fields of emergency preparedness, response and recovery.

The NEXES Exercise used two fictional emergency scenarios to illustrate the differences between the existing capabilities of the Turkish command control centre for emergencies and the new features proposed by NEXES. AAHD presented to the participants the new capabilities brought by the NEXES App and the NEXES PSAP system, focusing on the implementation of total conversation, the delivery of enhanced location information to emergency services and the opportunity for providing medical information to the emergency centre.

The participants in the NEXES Exercise were highly interested in the next generation improvements proposed by NEXES, and highlighted the potential to improve the interaction between emergency services and citizens, namely concerning the enhanced situational awareness, the opportunity to offer instructions and information until the arrival of first responders and the contribution to public emergency training. Indeed, AAHD was able to collect relevant feedback from the perspectives of the emergency service professionals and the citizens. The NEXES Consortium and the Turkish stakeholders, which are all members of the NEXES end-user community, will continue to work together in NEXES to contribute to the excellence of the Turkish emergency services.

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