NEXES App Challenge At The UNESCO’s Open Educational Resources Congress

The NEXES Consortium will be hosting the Closing Event of the NEXES App Challenge on September 20th 2017, at the Cankarjev Dom, Culture and Congress Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The NEXES RIA designed and created open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that implement core system functions and are capability-oriented, thus facilitating creative application developers to benefit from the NEXES basis to build atop their own 112 emergency Apps, which will already follow the principles of the NEXES pan-European 112 emergency app standard. The intention of the NEXES App Challenge is thus to validate the friendliness and use of the NEXES App APIs from the perspective of application developers who wish to utilise them to incorporate emergency communication capabilities in their newly designed emergency applications.

The Event signals the end of the Second Edition of the NEXES App Challenge, complementing the activities unfolding since March 2017 to disseminate the NEXES App API, to discuss the relevance of a pan-European standard for emergency Apps and to support third-party software developers to showcase their emergency Apps before an audience of emergency service experts.
The NEXES App Challenge Event is a satellite event to the OER Congress 2017, co-organised by UNESCO and the Slovenian Government ( and it represents a best practice in Open Educational Resources (OER) initiatives worldwide. OER encourage the making of quality and affordable educational resources widely available, namely through enabling ICT assets.

The NEXES Consortium acknowledges the relevance of OER to provide more equal access to knowledge and educational opportunities and created the NEXES App Challenge to encourage the creation, development and dissemination of innovative emergency Apps that help build and enhance a rich NEXES App ecosystem, contributing to generate awareness on the European standardisation effort to harmonise emergency Apps.

As a part of the OER Congress, the NEXES App Challenge will be streamed, so you can participate remotely.
In alternative, if you wish to join us at the Closing Event of the NEXES App Challenge in Slovenia, please email us at