NEXES Presents Cutting Edge Research Work at SENSORNETS 2017

The Relevance of Sensors’ Ubiquity for Next Generation Emergency Services

The NEXES research promising results were presented during a dedicated European Projects Space session at the SENSORNETS Conference 2017, dedicated to sensor networks, information systems security and privacy, model-driven engineering and software development, and held on February 19th – 21st 2017, in Porto, Portugal.

Represented by Marco Manso (RIN), the NEXES Consortium introduced the new and emerging ideas fostered by NEXES on the integration of automated emergency calls within next generation emergency services, prompted by the dissemination of smart sensor technology and sensing networks. The new automated emergency calls build-up on the existing eCall initiative and widen its scope of application to consider next generation eCall, environmental sensors and eHealth applications. The triggering of alerts enabled by sensors and sensing networks are considered as relevant information sources to early identify an emergency situation, when time is of the essence to save lives. Also the additional information made available by the sensors to emergency services, namely the First Responders teams, is bound to greatly improve the situational awareness of the emergency, thus allowing a more fitted selection of available resources for the emergency response, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Before an academic audience, NEXES efforts to promote the development and integration of next generation automation capabilities to support more efficient and effective emergency services highlighted the innovation mark associated with EU co-funded research initiatives and their impact in advancing the state-of-the-art of emergency communications for society’s benefit.

NEXES App Challenge – Coming Soon!

NEXES APP CHAL_FINALPNGIn March, NEXES will launch the 1st Edition of the NEXES App Challenge.

It is an opportunity for software developers to showcase their emergency Apps before an audience of emergency service experts.

It is also the perfect venue to try out NEXES App API and discuss the relevance of a pan-European standard for emergency Apps to build the next generation emergency services.

Stay tuned !

NEXES Fosters Accessible Emergency Products and Services

Next Generation Emergency Services at the EC Workshop on Accessibility of Products and Services

The NEXES achievements on the successful implementation of the Total Conversation capabilities, combining voice and video calls and real-time text messaging, was a central theme at the Workshop on Accessibility of Products and Services organised by the European Commission’s DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion on February 2nd and 3rd 2017, at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Brussels.

The high-level policy Workshop was sponsored with the ambition to prepare the adoption of the EU Accessibility Act and promote the implementation of accessibility measures in general. Represented by Gunnar Hellström (Omnitor) and Johan Verstraete (European Union of the Deaf), the NEXES Consortium delivered a presentation and made a detailed demonstration of NEXES’s next generation emergency services capabilities, namely video calls and real-time texting, providing new communication tools for citizens to reach emergency services. This demonstration was particularly helpful to highlight the usefulness of the new emergency communication technologies, as a citizen used the NEXES App to establish an emergency call using audio, real-time text and video channels with the Windows-based NEXES PSAP workstation. In cases where the citizen requiring assistance is deaf, the opportunity to use real-time texting or video (for sign language) can save precious time. In addition, the demonstration underlined the beyond state-of-the-art location information provided by NEXES to emergency services, contributing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole emergency response.

NEXES achievements to ensure a more universal, democratic and inclusive emergency service were duly recognised by an audience of 150 policy-makers from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the US Federal Communications Commission. Commissioner Marianne Thyssen and the deaf MEP Helga Stevens particularly emphasised the impressive level of seriousness and technological advance exhibited by NEXES. Overall, the Workshop on Accessibility of Products and Services was a relevant dissemination opportunity for NEXES to encourage the broad adoption of advanced communication and information technologies by emergency services for society’s benefit.

NEXES at Conferences, Workshops and Exhibitions

The NEXES partners have been very active in communicating and disseminating the NEXES RIA and the NEXES reference implementation of next generation emergency services in conferences, workshops and exhibitions across the world.

Conference | Workshop | ExhibitionCountryDate
Globe IoT 2017: Towards Global Interoperability among IoT Systems | 14th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference 2017United StatesJanuary 2017
2016 Smart Cities Romania Conference: Infrastructure Challenges For Government And MunicipalitiesRomaniaNovember 2016
Förskrivarkonferens 2016SwedenOctober 2016
Workshop in AKNZGermanyOctober 2016
40th International Fair 112 ExpoSerbiaOctober 2016
GITEX Fair 2016United Arab EmiratesOctober 2016
ICT InfoDay BratislavaSlovakiaSeptember 2016
World's Deaf Day: Security and safety concerns of the deaf and hard-of-hearingBelgiumSeptember 2016
Social Media and Community Policing ConferenceGermanySeptember 2016
Nordic Police Research Conference 2016: Police Reforms and ChangesNorwaySeptember 2016
International Conference on Telecommunications and Multimedia (TEMU) 2016GreeceJuly 2016
11th International Conference on Communications (COMM) 2016RomaniaJune 2016
Security Research and Innovation EventThe NetherlandsJune 2016
Dovenschap Seminar 2016: European Deaf Innovations - Best PracticesThe NetherlandsMay 2016
PSCE ConferenceBelgiumMay 2016
2nd Pan-Hellenic Congress on Emergency Prehospital Care: Emergency Pre-Hospital Care - Present & FutureGreeceMay 2016
10th Security, Emergency and Catastrophe ConferenceSpainApril 2016
Security and Counter Terror Expo (SCTX) 2016: Evolving International Public and Private Sector ResilienceUnited KingdomApril 2016
EENA Conference 2016Czech RepublicApril 2016
1st International Workshop on Interoperability, Integration, and Interconnection of Internet of Things Systems (I4T) | 1st IEEE International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design and Implementation (IOTDI)GermanyApril 2016
Symposium on the Next Generation Technologies in Emergency ServicesTurkeyNovember 2015
6th Tepecik Infection Days Congress TurkeyNovember 2015
3rd Nordic Crisis Communication ConferenceFinlandOctober 2015
ICT InfoDay LisbonPortugalOctober 2015
Smart Cities Conference 2015: SMART CITIES - The path to sustainable development in urban areas in RomaniaRomaniaOctober 2015
18th Public Health Congress: Disasters and Public HealthTurkeyOctober 2015
CAP Implementation WorkshopItalySeptember 2015
Emergency Services ShowUnited KingdomSeptember 2015
ExpoCrise 2015FranceSeptember 2015
12th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services (MobiQuitous 2015)PortugalJuly 2015
Open Source Intelligence Dissemination Conference 2015ItalyJuly 2015