NEXES Reinforces Omnitor’s Offer in Pitch Event

Förskrivarkonferens 2016 Announced the Latest Products for the Deaf Community

Förskrivarkonferens 2016 is a known pitch event for suppliers of communication aids to the deaf and hard of hearing community. This year’s event was held on Stockholm on October 17th and 18th and it gathered government representatives, elements from the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) and the Swedish Agency for Participation (MFD) and the responsible entities prescribing communication aids from all Swedish County Councils and Regions.

Förskrivarkonferens is a well-known pitch event in the community, recognised for presenting and displaying the latest available products, services and projects that convey communication aids for the deaf and hard of hearing. NEXES partner Omnitor is a leading supplier of communication devices that enable Total Conversation (voice, real-time text, image and video) and make a true difference on the daily life of those challenged by disability or impairment.

To reinforce its unique portfolio, Omnitor referred to the advances being explored within the NEXES Action with respect to the building of next generation emergency services by bringing new Total Conversation technologies to the communication dynamics between citizens and emergency services. Further, Omnitor described how NEXES has been implementing and validating enhanced capabilities to propose emergency services that are truly democratic, universal and inclusive, contributing to uphold equal access to all citizens, namely impacting the safety and security of the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Within NEXES’s communication and dissemination effort, Omnitor’s participation in this pitch event highlights how the participation in beyond-state-of-the-art European research and innovation initiatives, such as NEXES, acts as a powerful endorsement and credibility boost for novel products and services as they enter the market and are known to potential customers and key stakeholders.