NEXES Announces Two New Advisory Board Members

The Bradford Strategic Disability Partnership and the Association of Chief Fire Officers Bring New Insight to the NEXES End-Users Advisory Board

The NEXES Consortium announces the recruitment of two new members to the NEXES End-Users Advisory Board. Joining the NEXES End-Users Advisory Board are the Bradford Strategic Disability Partnership, a UK-based governmental group that liaises with numerous local disability groups, and the Association of Chief Fire Officers, a trade union that has been quite active in the definition of new communication systems for emergency services.

Responsible for the steering and growth of the NEXES End-users Community, the NEXES End-users Advisory Board now counts with more than 30 enthusiastic members. The West Yorkshire Police (WYP) is the organisation responsible for coordinating the NEXES End-users Advisors in 15 countries across Europe, South America and the United States, and for leading the activities that promote the close involvement of this community with the NEXES Action and Partners.

“As NEXES sharpens its focus on improving the capabilities of emergency services and saving the lives of men, women and children in emergency situations, we welcome the addition of these two outstanding new Advisory Board members,” said Marco Manso, Director of Innovation of RINICOM UK and Coordinator of NEXES. “Their global experience and expertise in accessibility features and civil society engagement and emergency communications and management will strengthen NEXES’s ability to take innovation to scale and increase our impact around the world.”

NEXES Builds Synergies with EMYNOS

Joint Events and Demonstrations To Strengthen The Promotion of Next Generation Emergency Services

The NEXES Consortium is pleased to announce the establishment of formal relations between the NEXES RIA and the EMYNOS RIA, the two projects awarded funding under topic 2 Next generation emergency services of DRS 19 – 2014: Communication technologies and interoperability of the Horizon 2020 framework.

The Coordinators of NEXES and EMYNOS have identified a number of topics that both projects will address, although exploiting it through different approaches. Nevertheless, it is clear that synergies may be built between both Actions and there is a strong interest to organise joint events and demonstrations in order to maximise the promotion of the projects’ results and achievements to a broader target audience.

Cross-fertilisation activities are a fundamental part of the NEXES RIA’s communication, dissemination and exploitation efforts, framed in the Action’s ambitious communication plan and serving the NEXES’s purposes of building awareness, promoting networking and fostering engagement towards the Action’s ambitious results.