NEXES Features EUD’s 2015 Impact Report

The NEXES RIA is presented at the latest edition of the European Union of the Deaf’s 2015 Impact Report, a yearly publication providing an accurate and up-to-date account of the EUD activities in 2015.

EUD reinforces herein that it is “very excited to contribute towards the NEXES project to ensure the emergency services will be fully accessible for the deaf people across the Europe.”

You may access EUD’s 2015 Impact Report at:



Welcome to the first newsletter from NEXES!

The NEXES RIA is a EU-funded Research and Innovation Action dedicated to validate the promising integration of IP-based communication technologies and interoperability into the next generation emergency services, so that they attain increased effectiveness and performance.

Reach112_mobile_emergency_call_totalconversation_NEXES’s main innovation encompasses the use of Total Conversation capabilities in emergencies, including social media, to the benefit of citizens, including those experiencing disability or special needs, the exploitation of improved location information to rapidly and effectively identify and locate the caller and the incident site and the leverage of Internet-enabled connectivity to enhance interoperability and shared awareness among emergency services, to the benefit of a more secure society.

This paramount challenge is now undertaken by the NEXES Consortium, a team of seventeen partners of ten countries, highly skilled and experienced in emergency management, communications and service, innovation engineering and telecommunications.

The NEXES RIA is ending its eighth month of work.
In this edition of the NEXES Newsletter, we present you a selection of articles and news that reinforce the NEXES Consortium’s drive to make emergency services a truly universal, democratic and inclusive public service.
With a special focus on emergency case studies and reference scenarios, we explore how cutting-edge research and innovation activities are surpassing shortcomings in emergency services and leading to the development of the next generation emergency services.

We kindly invite you to find out more about NEXES at

Marco Manso
NEXES Coordinator

NEXES Welcomes a Prestigious New Advisor

NEXES Announces Mr. Gyula Bara, the EU 112 Policy Officer, As The Most Recent Entry to the NEXES Advisory Board

The NEXES Consortium announces a new addition to its elite End-Users Advisory Board: Mr. Gyula Bara. Mr. Bara is the Policy Officer responsible for 112 within the European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG CONNECT), dedicated to the development and implementation of the EU’s Digital Agenda. Mr. Bara’s expertise and long-time experience dealing with the adoption of the 112 emergency number across Europe and associated regulatory issues is critical to assist the NEXES Consortium in creating the next generation emergency services.

Responsible for the steering and growth of the NEXES End-users Community, the NEXES End-users Advisory Board now counts with more than 30 enthusiastic members. The West Yorkshire Police (WYP) is the organisation responsible for coordinating the NEXES End-users Advisors in 14 countries across Europe, South America and the United States, and for leading the activities that promote the close involvement of this community with the NEXES Action and Partners.

“We are delighted to welcome Mr. Gyula Bara to our Advisory Board,” said Marco Manso, Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and NEXES Coordinator. “As the reach and impact of NEXES becomes increasingly global, Advisory Board members with their breadth of experience are essential assets to the NEXES Consortium. These highly successful experts play a vital role in guiding NEXES in its mission to spearhead the next generation emergency services and promote innovation and excellence in emergency services worldwide.”

NEXES Nominated for “Best European Project”

The Mobile Communications Gala Awards Presents the Best Industrial Technologies

gala_logoThe NEXES Consortium is pleased to announce that the NEXES research and innovation action received a nomination for the “Best European Project” award at the Comunicatii Mobile Gala Awards, one of the most valued information and communications technologies (ICT) and telecommunications events in Romania.

The Mobile Communications Gala Awards debated the latest concepts and trends of national and global ICT industries with elite speakers, business people, influential thinkers, decision-makers and top executives of ICT industry from Romania. This year’s edition was dedicated to the implementation of smart services, the emergence of digital societies, the broad adoption of mobile technologies, the impact of green ICT, the Internet of Things and digital inclusion.

With a very short lifespan, NEXES’s ambitious goals and expected benefits for 112 emergency communications have warranted this highly prestigious nomination, a clear indication of the Action’s relevance in the latest advances in emergency communications. It is also worth mentioning that Orange Romania, a NEXES partner, received the “Best Mobile Operator” award.

gala audience2 gala_audience

NEXES Heard at DG CONNECT on 112 Numbering Issues

NEXES Is Important for the Ongoing European Regulation Effort on Emergency Communications

The NEXES Consortium announces the invitation by the DG CONNECT of the European Commission to participate in the “Advanced Numbering Systems for Communications Services in the Digital Single Market” workshop, held in Brussels in the context of the ongoing public consultation on the evaluation and review of the regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services.

This invitation follows the work performed by the NEXES Consortium regarding the integration of new IP-enabled technologies in emergency services and the discussion of how these technologies affect the future of 112 communications, namely with respect to routing, prioritisation, bandwidth and quality of service. The NEXES Consortium’s perspective has been presented to the high-level audience of European policy-makers and telecommunications operators.

“Once again, the fantastic job of the NEXES partners has been acknowledged by European officers. Our work on the future of 112 communications promises to shed a light in the definition of a new regulatory framework for electronic communications, and NEXES is particularly focused in integrating over-the-top operators into the emergency communications loop”, said the Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and NEXES Coordinator Marco Manso. “NEXES demonstration activities, such as exercises and pilots, will definitely exploit end-to-end emergency calls that simulate internet app services provider to assess security, reliability and trust aspects.”.