NEXES News Tour France

Deveryware has conducted a large public relations effort in several relevant specialised publications in France (La Tribune, Les Echos, Informatique News, Sécurité et Défense Magazine), initiating awareness to the NEXES Action and its proposed ambitious goals.

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NEXES – An Example at the CAP Implementation Workshop

At the CAP Implementation Workshop held on September 23rd-24th 2015 at the Italian National Fire Corps Academy (Istituto Superiore Antincendi), NEXES was presented as an example of an emergency system benefitting from the implementation of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) to empower public alarm and data exchange in emergency situations.

workshop_audienceBefore an audience of dozens of researchers dealing with critical information exchange, the NEXES partner CNVVF explained how the CAP standard will support NEXES’s improved interoperability capabilities, following the example of the CNVVF’s network of control rooms to exchange and share information on rescue operations.

NEXES’s participation at the CAP Implementationcap_workshop Workshop, organised by the U.N. World Meteorological Organisation and the National Fire Brigade, Public Rescue and Civil Defence Department, is framed in the Action’s ambitious communication plan and serves the NEXES dissemination purposes of building awareness and fostering networking and engagement towards the Action’s propositions.

NEXES Discussed at The Emergency Services Show

Introducing the Huge Benefits of the Digital Age

The NEXES Action was represented by NEXES partner AIMtech at the Emergency Services Show, held on September 23rd – 24th 2015, in Birmingham, United Kingdom.


Whilst the primary focus of NEXES participation was to raise awareness to the Action before a broad audience of emergency services’ professionals, it was also possible to foster networking and engagement with relevant stakeholders. The discussion was thus centred on how NEXES brings IP-enabled communications, namely total conversation (voice, real time text, video and data) capabilities to the emergency services, for the benefit of citizens.

NEXES’s attendance to The Emergency Services Show is relevant to present the Action to the UK audience of emergency professionals, for this is one of the largest in the UK and has over 400 exhibitors from more than 37 countries and over 6000 visitors.


NEXES at the ExpoCrise 2015

NEXES Promises Advances in Crisis Management and Communications

The NEXES RIA has been first introduced to a French audience by the NEXES partner Deveryware (DW) at the ExpoCrise 2015 exhibition, held on September 17th and 18th, at the Congress Centre Eurosites George V.


Organised by the High Committee for the Civil Defence, the second edition of ExpoCrise dedicated to crisis management presented the latest technical and technological advances in crisis management and communication.

As a pan-European reference of next generation emergency services, NEXES intends to revolutionise today’s crisis communications, empowering it with IP-enabled technologies and interoperability amongst emergency services and between these and the citizens. This message has been conveyed to a large audience of representatives of French emergency services and governmental decision-makers, as well as to the media and academia, during Deveryware’s participation at the second round table “Organising the crisis management: the tools revolution, the impact of social media, what new organisation?”, mediated by Mlle. Caroline Saisou, Chargée de Mission for the French High Committee for the Civil Defence.


NEXES’s participation in the sole event in France dedicated to crisis management is a communication action planned within the ambitious communication strategy defined by the NEXES Consortium to raise awareness on the NEXES RIA and its added-value innovation.

NEXES Presents Two New Advisory Board Members

UK Specialists in Emergency Communications & Services Join the NEXES Community

The NEXES Consortium announced two new members to its End-users Advisory Board: Professor Babak Akghbar, Director of the Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research (CENTRIC) and Chief Inspector Ian Thompson of the North Yorkshire Police and a member of the Executive Committee of British-APCO (British Association of Public Safety Communications Officers).

With the two new members, the NEXES End-users Advisory Board is now comprised of 32 representatives in academia, public service, industry and NGOs with expertise in emergency services, citizenship and innovation engineering. The Board members provide contributions and recommendations on how to address the opportunities and challenges of the next generation emergency services, connecting academia and industry with the evolving needs of public emergency services and of citizens, and scale NEXES’s unique value proposition.

Funded by the European Commission, the NEXES Research and Innovation Action has taken on the mission to create the pan-European reference implementation of next generation emergency services for the benefit of our society.

“We believe that the members of our End-users Advisory Board are essential to help us connect with the academia, the government, the end-users and industry leaders to achieve the NEXES vision. We are thrilled to welcome top-quality specialists such as Professor Babak Akghbar and Chief Inspector Ian Thompson to our community.”, said Mr. Marco Manso, Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK and the Coordinator of the NEXES Research and Innovation Action.

NEXES Promotional Flyers

The NEXES RIA produces promotional materials (informational flyers) that aim to support the NEXES partners’ communication actions and contribute to build awareness to the NEXES RIA.

The first set of promotional flyers on NEXES are dedicated to NEXES’s Innovations, Approach and Results.