NEXES Forms the Transatlantic Bond with NENA

The US National Emergency Number Association Joins NEXES Advisory Board

The NEXES Consortium, a group aiming to foster a reference implementation for next generation emergency services, announced the US National Emergency Number Association (NENA) as a new member of its End-users Advisory Board.

NEXES and NENA have agreed to exchange valuable experience and insight on the design, implementation and deployment of next generation emergency services. These services will benefit from IP-enabled technologies to perform more effectively in terms of communication with the citizen, emergency location and interoperability amongst emergency response agencies, thus providing a true universal, democratic and inclusive public service.

NEXES Coordinator and Director of Innovation at RINICOM UK, Mr. Marco Manso stated “We are delighted to benefit from NENA’s experience on the development of NEXES. NEXES is designed to revolutionise emergency services anywhere. With a number of years developing the NG911 standard, NENA is one of the best advisors we could have to help us further develop NEXES and make it the very best we can offer to the emergency services community? We expect the collaboration to provide the NEXES RIA with important information and guidance as we continue the NEXES development process.”

As part of the NEXES-NENA partnership, the NEXES End-users Advisory Board will promote awareness about next generation emergency services and provide review and input on the NEXES implementation from its members. The final contributions will be part of the NEXES RIA and of the NEXES’s contributions to standardisation efforts in Europe about the 112 emergency number.